Mikel Murfi's 'The Man in the Woman's Shoes' Trilogy

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Theatre Spoken Word


31/07/2024 13:00 - 31/07/2024 21:30


Skibbereen Town Hall



We are delighted to present what is only the second ever Irish performance of Mikel Murfi's extraordinary trilogy in one day. Come and have a magical 'Day at the Theatre' in the company of the man in the woman's shoes, Pat Farnon.

Ticket covers all 3 plays.


1pm. The Man in the Woman's Shoes

Just outside of town, cobbler Pat Farnon lives on his own, contentedly aging in the cottage in which he was reared. Join him as he walks the five miles into his “metropolis,” populated with no-necked water diviners, sporting savants, loudmouths, and preachers.

4pm. I Hear You and Rejoice

Late in his life Pat embarks on a journey he had not quite planned and finds that every twist in the road can bring its own surprises.  Once in a lifetime, a woman the likes of Kitsy comes along and when she does, the universe has to expand to accommodate her.”

From the football field to the chapel floor, Kitsy always has the final word. By turns moving and hilarious, her friends and neighbours celebrate the impact Kitsy has made on her community.

8pm. The Mysterious Case of Kitsy Rainey

The finale in this extraordinary series takes us on a very unusual and otherworldly journey. Having married Kitsy Rainey late in life, cobbler Pat Farnon finally decides to lift the lid on a life previously lived by his wife. And all the while Pat faces down his own reckoning. 

Tender, heartfelt and joyously funny The Mysterious Case of Kitsy Rainey finishes out Pat Farnon's journey in a most unexpected way.

 * The Man in the Woman's Shoes Trilogy was created with support from Sligo County Council Arts Service, The Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo and Irish Arts Center, New York.