The Wonders of the Wake

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Music Spoken Word


28/07/2019 20:00 - 00:00


Skibbereen Town Hall




*In Association with Drimoleague Singing Festival

And Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival

The Wonders of the Wake is a totally unique Irish Traditional Arts show that revives the ancient Irish art of keening with our hauntingly beautiful Mná Caointe on stage to celebrate the wonders of the Irish Wake and bring a tear to the eye and joy to the heart.. There is Sean Nós singing, Celtic laments, harp solos and another unique revival - bardic poetry. Yeats and Homer all take a turn on stage too. The Wonders of the Wake is like the best wake you’ll ever go to but just right there on stage in front of you.

Artistically, Wonders of the Wake is collaboration between  the BAFTA winning writer Kevin Toolis and the world renowned harpist Joleen McLaughlin and her sisters Karen and Lorna  McLaughlin of the Henry Girls.   Wonders of the Wake is based on acclaimed writer Kevin Toolis’ bestselling book My Father’s Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die,


Diarmuid O Drisceoil lives in Cork but has a family connection to Cape Clear and he has spent time there every year since he was a child. The casual storytelling of his island uncles gave him a great love for a good story, well told.

Diarmuid mainly draws his material from the Irish and European traditions, giving these ancient tales a contemporary feel with his unique style of telling. He also tells stories from his own life experiences and his quirky sense of humour and love of the bizarre make his performances quite memorable. He is equally at home telling through English or Irish.