RESONATE . Bee Space with Michele O’ Connor Connolly

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Community Workshops Wellbeing


27/07/2024 10:30


Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be like a Bee? Bees work as a community. A hive of bees work together as one super-organism for the greater good of the whole colony. Come into Bee space, this playful space, and leave with a little more of an understanding of how bees manoeuvre and work throughout their homes, their hives, and their bee space.

During this encounter, you will be navigating the space with consideration to your fellow participants. You can make,work or draw, play, doodle, splash colour, write a story or make notes or perhaps you might just like to pass things to others in the bee space or do nothing at all, you could even be a guard bee! Come and have some fun and enjoy an encounter of a community working at its best. There is no requirement to produce anything, just to manoeuvre throughout the space.

No drawing skills or experience required. All welcome!


With an ability to critically think through research, Michele O'Connor Connolly works through ideas linking disparate spaces of knowledge from Folk Tradition, oral culture, critical theory and a direct engagement with the environment, through a collaborative and participatory model using drawing, painting, video, photography, sound, installation and performance. In her work she explores the tension between human living/existence alongside our natural environment.