Puffin Rocks Habitats Exhibition

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26/07/2024 11:00 - 03/08/2024 16:00


Skibbereen Town Hall
Puffin Rock Habitats is an exploratory journey for young children and families led by the beloved Oona and Baba who introduce you to the rich diversity of plants and animals on Puffin Rock, and the intricate relationships within and between each habitat. 

A habitat is a place where an animal or plant lives. It provides all the food, water and shelter they need to survive. Join our young puffins Oona and Baba as they take you on a sensory journey into the different habitats - Marine, Intertidal, Grassland and Wetland- that make up Puffin Rock!

These habitats are intricately woven together and each habitat is a ‘home’ for Oona and Baba’s many fascinating and curious friends. Explore the stories of all the interconnected living things which ensure these landscapes and waterscapes are ‘happy homes’ for all of us. 

Grown-ups play a vital role in guiding child-centred explorations of local landscapes and their interconnected habitats. Within our communities, young and old, we deepen an awareness of our natural heritage, with an aim to inspire us to take better care of nature wherever we can.

The story, characters and the exhibition connect us with the ecosystems and diversity they represent – encouraging us to venture into nearby grasslands, beaches, rivers or ponds – to explore, care for and learn from our native biodiversity. The workshops bridge the narrative of your favourite Puffin Rock characters with the fascinating wilderness of Ireland’s coastlines. 


Workshops will take place at the exhibition in Skibbereen


And use the FREE to download Puffin Rock Habitats Activity Book to continue the learning journey out in the field, in your own backyard or in a habitat near your home.