Salt & Pepper

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24/05/2023 10:00 - 16:30


Annie Mays




Salt and Pepper is a group of LGBTQ+ elders who met on the park benches of west Cork for the month of May. In June we brought the collected stories into the workshop at Uillinn to create this exhibition. Artist Toma McCullim worked with her peers to create collective artworks which muse on our life journeys. The willow tree will bow but not break talks about acts of memorial. The red ribbons remind us of the tragic toll of AIDS took. Now hung on the tree in the Irish folk tradition they represent rituals of healing. This is the map started from a conversation about the young us that had no idea of what life would have in store as we grew older. I was the only lesbian I knew. There was no map...only... ‘beyond here be monsters’