Poetic Movement

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28/07/2022 15:00 - 16:30


Annie Mays



No dance background required.


Yasmin invites participants to experience some of the concepts of Poetic Movement from the Echo Echo Dance Company combined with creative writing and other movement methodologies in a fun and joyful space. Centred on the questions: “How can we use autobiographical references to create a dance grammatical sentence?”;  “What is the intention behind a movement?”; “How can we use ritual and celebration to explore our own history through movement?” movers will explore through improvisational tasks, ways to playfully connect mind and body while experimenting with their own movement baggage, uncovering hidden movement stories and being committed to what they propose with their dancing to create instant solo compositions. 


Yasmin Mello is a Brazilian Dublin-based dance artist interested in making interdisciplinary work exploring themes of migration, myths and memory through surreal imagery and collaborative creation using creative writing, movement and storytelling. After achieving a MPhil in Theatre and Performance (TCD) she went on to develop the piece “Marbleface'' an occult dance-monologue commissioned by the Imagine Arts Festival 2021 and awarded the first National Dance Residence Partnership. She has worked with Steve Batts, Bernadette Divilly and was recently awarded a Create mentorship with Feidlim Cannon from Brokentalkers Theatre Company to transition to collaborative and socially engaged arts practices.