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24/05/2023 10:00 - 16:30


Annie Mays




eidolons is a new artwork by Mark Clare which highlights the loss of local Biodiversity since the inauguration of the Irish Republic, 100 years ago this year. Since the founding of the Irish Free State, the island of Ireland has officially lost 26 insect species. Using a 'free' AI animation software tool, the artist has produced animations of each of the 26 extinct species presented on a monitor as an animated film.

Working with the UCD Earth Institute, the artist has constructed a portable Solar Power Station that allows for energy self-sufficiency, to deliver the energy needed to produce these animations. This same Solar Power Station will then be used to power a modified, 12-volt high-efficiency monitor, specifically developed for use with solar systems to present the work at Uillinn. This process allows for the artwork to be produced and presented as a low impact, environmentally friendly project, which at a time of global energy insecurity, highlights an important dilemma for our future generations.