End Notes

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Spoken Word


24/05/2023 00:00 - 00:00




Welcome to End Notes.

In this podcast we invite people to share their Funeral Playlist and their thoughts about death, dying, ritual and the afterlife if they believe in one. 

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For Skibbereen Arts Festival 2021, Tessa Gibson shares her experiences and expectations of death and dying.

Tessa is a research psychologist who changed direction over 30 years ago by moving from Dublin to West Cork. Tessa is now a literary editor for FISH Publishing. She also teaches creative writing; and is working on two connected novels. She practices Jungian Astrology and has created an astrology game to explore the mandala of the birth chart. Recently she’s begun to facilitate Death Cafes, which are small open groups where people can discuss all aspects of death and dying.

This edition of the Podcast has been supported by Skibbereen Community and Family Resource Centre and Create the National Agency for the Development of Collaborative Arts

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