Exhibition of Large Scale Drawing

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Mark is based in Skibbereen and will be working from Uilinn: West Cork Arts Centre from late September.



General Work Statement- Mark Beatty

Working predominantly from pen and paper, my practice is concerned as much with the activity of drawing as with the finished piece.

'The activity of drawing is a way of trying to understand who we are or how we operate in the world.’ – William Kentridge.

Sharing similarities with etching, scratching and weaving, each mark is a building block and a step towards some sense of form. The work grows slowly, like a coral reef, the cells that make up organs or the rings that form inside a tree.

Repetition is the beating heart of the work, it suggests movement. It is an attempt to mark time and induce infinity.

The materials I choose are habitually cheap and flimsyvarying from biros and envelopes to felt-tip pens and plastic packaging. Using a combination of imagination and the influence of sacred geometry, sand mandalas and illuminated manuscripts, I try to use drawing to give value to these materials.

The work is a deliberate slowing down, a quiet protest against the busyness of contemporary life.