Moon Dance

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26/07/2019 19:00 - 00:00




It's a marvellous year for a Moondance!

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landings our opening street event this year is Moon Dance. 

The town will reverberate to the sounds of moon-themed songs while shop windows will be transformed for the day. 

Beginning at 7pm, Bridge Street will be closed to traffic and a spectacular party will begin



All Day

Shop windows, shop staff and lots of other folk go to Outer Space!


Between 12 – 3pm . Town Hall . 3D Printing Demonstration . Free

Facilitated by Jack O'Regan Kenny, Sponsored by Ludgate

A demonstration of the process involved in creating 3-dimensional objects from a computer generated model. Highlighting its use in manufacturing, arts and education by producing replica artifacts from NASA and the Apollo 11 Mission.




1pm . The Bridge . Moon Gaze . Free

Join the team from CIT Blackrock Observatory to take a closer look at the Moon! 

The moon will be visible until approx. 2pm only but why will the Moon be out during the day and why did those brave astronauts go there all those years ago? Join us for the answers to this and more!








4pm . Abbeystrewry Hall

Survivor on the Moon 

Age 8+ .  Free but Booking Essential

How will you survive on the Moon? When the outside environment is poisonous and harsh, when it promises instant death, when you are confined inside your spaceship under constant surveillance in limited physical space with the same people every day, what do you need to make sure you survive? This two-hour drawing /writing workshop asks you to bring one or two objects (or ideas) that you think might be important to your own survival on the Moon. 






4pm . Town Hall . For All Mankind . Free

Al Reinert’s documentary For All Mankind is the story of the twenty-four men who traveled to the moon, told in their words, in their voices, using the images of their experiences.










7pm . Bridge Street Closes to Traffic and Moon Dance Begins

Lit by an enormous inflatable Moon, (kindly sponsored by Vodafone), Bridge Street becomes the lunar surface for the night with food & craft stalls, graffiti artists and performances by St Fachtna's Silver Band, Dowtcha Puppets and a specially commissioned Skibbereen Arts Festival Moondance Band!

Please dress up in costume if you can...think Star Wars, Aliens, Star Trek, The Future.


One Small Step for Man, One Giant Party for Skibbereen!