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29/07/2018 10:30 - 00:00


Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre



West Cork Inter-Acts

At the heart of this one day sub festival is engagement and participation, promoting community wellbeing through the arts, nature, movement and outdoor activities. Developing a sense of community, connecting and uniting people, in a range of workshops, walks, talks and discussions.

West Cork Inter-Acts Programme

10.30am: Outdoor Yoga 

 12.30pm: Gardening

2pm: Lunch

2.45pm: Sean Nós Singing 

4.45pm: Basket Weaving Technique

The Art of movement with Bella Hancock

10.30am O’ Donovan Rossa Memorial Park *

Weaving Community, Moving Together

A Yoga workshop focused on community, and how we build community, through mutual support and respect, leading to deeper trust, with Yoga poses, moving in unison, sounding our voices, Mandala yoga (Yoga in a circle that supports each participant), and deep relaxation and meditations. The focus will be on mutual support and recognition of the circle, our community, as well as fun! 

Bella Hancock is a Yoga teacher and mentor based in West Cork. She is the director of the Yoga Mandala Project- a non-profit that supports refugee communities with Yoga as a tool to foster healing, wellness and resilience. Through her work with the Yoga Mandala in Jordan, Palestine and Greece, Bella has come to understand the importance of community and embracing our diversity as essential to wellness in body, mind and heart. 

Yoga can offer people a sense of their own inner resources- a practice that supports the multi-dimensional body: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. Everyone can do Yoga. It can be adapted to each individual. Inclusivity and community one Yoga pose at a time! 


The Art of Gardening with Brian Granaghan

12.30pm St. Patrick’s Boys School, Skibbereen *

In this gardening workshop the focus will be on the benefits of community gardening to both personal and community wellbeing. Brian will give a tour of the garden and geo-dome, where participants will plant and harvest, while discussing his experience of teaching gardening to children, and the benefits of gardening for parent and child.

Brian Granaghan is a teacher and designed the multi-faceted gardens at St. Patrick’s Boys School which include the sensory garden, geo-dome, willow dome and tunnel, amphitheatre wild trail, insect hotel and woodland area. Brian is also a member of West Cork Incredible Edibles. https://www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/blogs/west-cork-incredible-edible-beautiful

2pm: Lunch Bring your lunch and eat with the group in the surrounds of the St. Patrick’s School Garden.

The Art of Singing with Dr. Tríona Ní Shíocháin

 2.45pm Skibbereen Heritage Centre 

Dr. Tríona Ní Shíocháin of UCC's Music Department will give a workshop on sean-nós singing including songs from the West Munster repertoire from lullabies to love songs to satirical songs. The workshop will begin with a short discussion of the importance of singing for society and well-being, and how changes in singing practices in modernity have had a profound effect on our experience of the world. It is proposed that the song practices of traditional communities offer vital social and cultural practices that enrich, re-energise and re-balance everyday life, thus promoting social and personal wellbeing.

Dr Tríona Ní Shíocháin is a whistle-player, singer and interdisciplinary scholar specialising in Irish traditional music, sean-nós singing, Irish-language song composers, oral composition and transmission, and Irish-language literature, poetry and culture. Her current research concerns the liminality of song and the role of song in thought formation in society, and she is author of recently published monograph Singing Ideas: Performance, Politics and Oral Poetry(Berghahn 2018).

The Art of Basket Weaving with Jancsi and Rose Shaughnessy

4.45pm Skibbereen Heritage Centre

The healing power of our ancient arts

In this workshop we will have a taste of the wisdom embedded in the fabric of our heritage crafts and connect with the beauty of slowness, the wholeness of relationship, the place and the empowerment of creation. In this brief workshop, Rose and Jancsi will speak about willow arts while teaching techniques of basket weaving, giving a feel for the meditative and calming potential of working with willows.

Jancsi and Rose Shaughnessy have been captured by the beauty and depth of our ancient arts, for Rose that was at the age of 17 when she tanned her first hide and wove her first ‘cattail’ basket. Since then, 8 years of curiosity has pulled her to study with renowned weavers, hide tanners, leather workers and fibres artists from North America and Ireland. 

  • Participants are encouraged to attend all 4 90-minute workshops to gain the full experience and potential this day may offer. No previous experience necessary.

  • Advance Booking Essential. 087)1260327

  • First two workshops will be relocated in the event of poor weather