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Art Spoken Word


02/08/2018 13:30 - 00:00


Annie Mays



An open discussion on technology, science and the contemporary mind-set around its use.

Our rapid adoption of technological devices and applications into every aspect of our daily lives means that vast amounts of our personal data, daily movements, habits and intellectual information are being silently collected and used in the development of a range of technologies. The impacts, and potential future impacts, of these technologies are largely unpredictable and difficult to measure.

It could be argued however, that science and technology are neutral, and its constructive or destructive potential has to be attributed to its user. Applied to society as a whole, the consequences of how we use technology could therefore be construed as symptomatic of the kind of mind-set we, as users, hold.

Join the discourse on possible implications of technology on our future facilitated by Uillinn Artist in Residence, Tomas Penc.