Fond Pageant _ Daniel Reardon

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Spoken Word Art


02/08/2018 13:00 - 00:00


Annie Mays



The well-known actor and award-winning playwright Daniel Reardon had his second volume of poetry 'Fond Pageant' published in May, reflecting, taking stock, but most of all responding to painters and paintings he has encountered over the years. This show was sparked off by an inexplicable epileptic seizure and subsequent medication that compels and inspires the poet/actor to: "Seek out sharp comedians, crazy clowns, the big-eyed amaze on a baby's face, an indignant panjandrum upside down and laugh, an unfettered howling guffaw, feel the sun so close, kiss the shining star."

Startling words and indelible images of the iconic paintings referenced in the poems make 'Fond Pageant' an electric and unmissable event. His first book was "In the Lion House" (Gallery Press 1974).