Angels and Alchemy: In conversation with Leeanne O’Donnell

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Spoken Word


31/07/2024 18:00


The Lodge Room, first floor, Skibbereen Masonic Hall


Step into the atmospheric Skibbereen Masonic Hall for an intimate evening of literature and conversation with Irish author Leeanne O'Donnell.
Join us as Caragh Bell interviews Leeanne about her novel "Sparks of Bright Matter," a spell-binding and unputdownable tale about spirit and matter, love and lust, and reality and magic. Against the backdrop of this historic venue, explore the inspiration behind the novel's evocative storytelling and the creative journey that brought it to life. 
Limited space so booking essential. 

Leeanne O’ Donnell was born in Dublin and now lives in an old farmhouse on the foothills of Mount Gabriel near Ballydehob. She feeds her cats, dogs, chickens, daughters and wife reasonably regularly - and occasionally waters her poly-tunnel. She has yet to learn to write a proper shopping list but has managed to finish her first novel while hiding in an old caravan in the garden. 

SPARKS OF BRIGHT MATTER was inspired by the whispers of ancient stories buried in the landscape of west Cork. She is interested in all the big questions like what it means to be alive, and which crisps go best with a pint of Murphy’s stout. In SPARKS OF BRIGHT MATTER she explores the liminal spaces between magic and reality, spirit and matter, love and lust. She started her storytelling career working in radio with RTE and BBC - and has made a number of award winning documentaries for RTE’s Doc on One series. She is also a trained psychotherapist and is frequently awed by the sacred work of helping people to understand and transform their own real-life stories.


Caragh Bell is from Skibbereen. A graduate of University College Cork, she has a degree in French and English. She also has a postgraduate Diploma in Education, a Masters in Education and is currently doing a PhD in Education. She teaches at Sacred Heart Secondary School in Clonakilty where she produces the SHSS Podcast.

Caragh has published six books with Poolbeg Press in Dublin: INDECISION, REGRETS, PROMISES, ECHOES OF GRACE, GABRIELLA, and MOSAIC. 

Her stories are filled with drama, heartbreak and lots of romance. Described by the Irish Examiner as “light, funny and fast-moving”, her novels are page turners with memorable characters. Her new book, FORTUNA, will be released in August 2024.